A few people have said a few nice things...


“I sing Moksha McPherrin’s praises as an actress and as a human being. I have worked

with Moksha as both an actor and director, and if there is such a thing as talent, she has it

in spades. She understands and enjoys the fact that acting is play and throws herself into

it whole-heartedly. This makes for work that is fresh and interesting, exciting and alive.

She is smart, sexy, sensual and the camera loves her.”

-Emmy Nominated actor JEFF KOBER - Sons of Anarchy, The Guilt Trip, New Girl, China Beach, 24, CSI

“Moksha has an exceptional sense of truth, tremendous charisma, and an ability to love

whatever she happens to be playing. You’ll want to look out for this one.”

- Eugene Buica, Founder and Artistic Director THE ACTING CORPS.

“It is a wonderful gift to find the rare actor that has that thing known as “it.” Like all of the

greatest actors of our time, Moksha has the exceptionally unique look and extraordinary

talent required to be a true shape shifter.”

  1. -Vivian Lee Arber-Moore, Villainous Productions


“McPherrin gives a magnetic performance as Christine, so worn down by her life with

Bobby that even her anger seems exhausted.” - NOW MAGAZINE