Moksha McPherrin was born in Sydney, Australia unto a Balinese painter and a homeopathic healer. She was raised primarily in Australia, Asia, and Africa, spending most of her youth exploring and discovering. Being raised without a television, Moksha and her four sisters would perform for one another for entertainment. Moksha would design the stage wear, write the scenes, and direct her sisters, as well as act. As part of her sustainable upbringing, Moksha learned to design and create her own clothing at a very young age. During  her teenage years, she began her studies as an actress, on the side developing her own line of clothing. Her unique designs and unusual background captured the attention of Grammy Award-winning artist Rod Stewart, who whisked her away on a four-year worldwide tour as his personal costume designer and stylist. Thus began an unexpected and incredibly successful career as a costume designer. Before Moksha was 26 she had designed for celebrities such as Rod Stewart, Missy Elliot, Dave Matthews, and Oprah Winfrey. But at her highest level of success, she chose to quit designing altogether to dedicate all her energy to her biggest passion, acting.

Moksha’s  work has often been described as raw, vulnerable, sensual, and magnetic. As well as, hilarious.

Moksha currently divides her time between New York and LA., alternating between stage work and film.